Women in the spotlight in the stations

Still too few of the works of art which adorn the metro and pre-metro stations are the work of women. The STIB and Brussels Mobility have undertaken to change this situation, which is the result of the heritage of the past and which can be observed throughout the public area.

The International Women's Rights Day has become an opportunity to highlight some of the projects of female artists in progress. Françoise Plissart will install a photographic work on tiles at the Parc station, while Sarah Vanagt will brighten up the Osseghem metro station with a project based on the image of "marbles". In 2022, the Qartier area located in the Bourse station hosted the new "Areas of Greens and Greys" exhibition by Julie Van Kerckhoven, Inca Garnica, Izra Marie Jans and Sepideh Farvardin.

Whether through temporary exhibitions or permanent works, the metro and pre-metro network is diversifying in order to give women the place which they deserve.

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